LECTURE 3 | Astral Projection

What is Astral Projection?


It means to separate the Physical Body from the Astral Body. The latter is an internal body of molecular nature with which we can travel to all the Stars. Astral body is an identical double of the physical body.


This always happens unconsciously every time we fall asleep. We get into the molecular world or the dreams Region. The only difference is to do it consciously instead of asleep. Meaning, to enter to the fifth dimension on a conscious and voluntary way.


How is this practice done?

There are many ways to perform the astral projection, we will enumerate a few:

1. By Concentration

2. By Imagination

3. Sleep Vigil

4. Practicing the Ongoing Death

5. By chanting Mantras


What matters the most y our will to do it and then dare to do it. Where there is a will there is a way


Recommended steps:

1.         Do Belilin Conjuration and the Magic Circle

2.         Ask for assistance to the Divine Father and Mother and establish an objective (What you want to             investigate?)

3.         Relax the physical body, the emotions and mind.

4.         Pronounce one of the following mantras: 




5.         Check periodically if you are astral projecting by standing up and jumping and see if you float, or pulling a finger and see if it stretches. 


Symptoms prior to Astral Projection

• you can feel your body inflates

• you can feel that you float.

• you can feel that your body swings softly.

• you can feel an intensive increasing noise along with an electric shock like sensation all over the body.

• you can feel that you turn at a great speed.

• you can appear conscious into a dream.


The Secret is to practice with a lot of patience until accomplishing it

Where there is a will there is a way.