LECTURE 1 | Knowledge of oneself and Objectives

To know Oneself means to be one with one’s own Divine Being, one’s own Spirit, to experience directly the identification of the known with the Knower. This is what we define as Self-knowledge.

A fundamental thing in life is to truly come to know oneself: Where do we come from?  Where are we going? What is the objective of our existence? What do we live for?

Certainly, knowing oneself is essential; people believe they know themselves, while in fact, they do not. Therefore, it is necessary to work on ourselves in order to reach the complete self-knowledge. Such a process requires incessant self-observation. We have to see ourselves as we really are. 

Unfortunately, people readily admit they have a physical body. They accept it as a fact because they can see it and touch it. However, they cannot perceive their psyche in the same way; so it becomes something vague, which they do not understand. When a person starts to observe himself, it is a clear sign that he has an intention to change.

Whoever in truth wants to know the “Inner Worlds” of the planet Earth, of our Solar System, or of our galaxy, he must first know his own intimate world, his internal particular life, his own ‘Inner Worlds’.

"Know yourself and you will know the Universe and its Gods”. Each one of us has his our Divine Wisdom that comes from the Real Inner Being. We know that God is everywhere, but do we know our own Inner Divinity?  We never find time to get to know our inner world. Doing it does not seem important to us.  However, it is crucial to perform this work consciously.


Matter: Our physical body, the human machine. We have it, but it is not all we are.

Soul or Mind: the 97% of trapped Essence. It is the Psychic Energy, that is the origin of all our movements. We do not know it, even though we spend more time living in our inner world than in the external world. Here we find all our different dispositions, our defects.

Spirit or Consciousness: the 3% of free and conscious Essence, our Divine Wisdom. That, which is real, true, eternal and immortal in every one of us. It is the deep inner Knower of each person, that, which doesn’t belong to time and never passes away. 



A word “Knowledge” derives from knowing, not from believing. Experimentation is a fundament of the Conscious Science. Science comprises various methods that enable us to get to know our inner world through a direct experience and explore the different Dimensions of Nature.

We teach the following practices:



• Astral Projection

• Meditation

• Retrospection

• Negotiation of Karma

• Cancellation of Karma

Etc., etc., etc.

Practice makes the master. We shall practice until we triumph.

II-    ART:

Art teaches how to create ourselves

It the Sexual Center resides the greatest potential of a human being. Supra-Sex or Superior Sex enables us to create the Superior Existential Bodies of Our Inner Being so that we can have a representation in the different dimensions of nature.

The great potential of the human being is latent in the sexual center; the good use of this center regenerates us.  Through Supra-sex (i.e. Superior Sex) we can create the Superior Bodies of our Being, which will be our vehicles of manifestation in the different Dimensions of nature. 

This can be accomplished through a sexual union of a man and a woman: the masculine phallus penetrating the feminine yoni without losing the Creative Sexual Energy.

The Method:

• Do the Belilín conjuration and the Magic Circle

• Ask your Inner Father and your Divine Mother to assist you in this practice

• Kindle Fire with kisses and caresses, in order to achieve the perfect lubrication of the Feminine Yoni for penetration

• Connect sexually: Lingam (penis) penetrating Yoni (vagina)

• Start a Respiratory Process that consists of three stages: 

1 – Inhalation: (20 Seconds). Imagine the air entering your lungs and then direct it to your sexual glands

2 - Retention: (20 Seconds) Imagine and feel a golden thread that ascends along the spine until it reaches the point between your eyebrows

3 - Exhalation: (20 Seconds) slowly vocalize by prolonging the sound like this: IIIIIIIIII, AAAAAAA, OOOOOOO. Vowel after vowel, starting a new respiratory process for each one

Disconnect from your partner without spilling the sexual energy.


There are many people living inside us, we are never the same person.  Sometimes a mean and irritable person manifests in us; in any other moment a splendid and a kind one; later a scandalous or slanderous person; later a saint; then a liar, etc.

Our Energy is trapped in each one of our psychological defects: we are human-machines, mere puppets moved by invisible threads.  We lack the Real Individuality, every psychological defect moves in a different direction, we are never the same person.

When we honestly observe our inner world, we will be surprised with a number of flaws we have.  Each one of our psychological defects is a different person.

By eliminating a defect, the consciousness that was trapped in it is liberated. The Death of each one of them brings us Wisdom and Love, which were caught inside. This way, the liberated sparks of consciousness unify themselves with the Free Consciousness.

A Method to liberate the Consciousness:

Self-observe (from moment to moment) in order to discover the different psychological defects that manifest in you.

After you discover a defect, judge it until you comprehend it.

Once you comprehend it, plead your Divine Mother to eliminate it.

With this simple technique, we can start changing ourselves, eliminating detail by detail, releasing the consciousness that was trapped inside each one of our psychological defects. This process is called an ongoing death.



Mysticism teaches us to love the work, both the inner and the outer. A man starts getting to know the inner world when he begins to practice and experience; he can then witness the reality of his own particular Being.

In the work on the Creation of the Superior Bodies, on the elimination of our defects, and on the Sacrifice for humanity, it becomes necessary to develop the love for the work we are doing, for the work itself. This is one of the most difficult things, due to the condition in which we find ourselves. 

When we sacrifice ourselves for the humanity, we can experience Love for all mankind. We then vibrate with the wonderful force of Love, and we witness a very important change in each one of our cells.

Only through practice and direct experimentation, it is possible to improve our capacity of doing, to which we will call it Mysticism because Love without works is impossible. 

The Objectives of Knowledge of Oneself

Self-realization of the Being

Regeneration of the human being

Liberation of all our Consciousness

Creation of the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being

Knowledge of all the Laws

Knowledge of the Superior Dimensions

Incarnating our Individual Christ

Resurrecting ourselves

Achieving the Sacred Individuality

We give 75 practical lectures that cover these 4 pillars, free entry and open to everyone interested.  We invite you to attend the classes in one of our lecture rooms.