What is Death? What Dies and what doesn’ttt


The lack of knowledge about death is the reason why the majority of people are afraid of it and do not see in death the final goal or objective of everything. If a person truly understood what death is, then he would not fear it anymore, and he would be able to venture into the mysteries of life and death.


“The purpose of living is to die” and we have no other task to accomplish. We are born to die, and we die to be born. If the seed does not die the plant can´t be born. Death is the end of something. Death liberates us in all the cases.


We are entitled to have 324.000 physical bodies, which means we can die physically and then be born again 324.000 times. All this will h
appen mechanically if we do not understand the importance of the psychological death, which allows us to achieve the intimate self-realization of our Being in one existence.


There are three types of death. They are closely related to each other, and one cannot be studied without studying the other two.







A. The death of the physical body


It begins with a state of catalepsy that lasts 72 hours. The physical body is apparently dead, but this state can be revoked at any moment so that the deceased would return to the physical body within this period of time.


Three judgments take place in the lapse of these 72 hours:

The First Judgment:

After the first 5 minutes the disembodied does a conscious retrospection of each one of his deeds in that existence. He observes carefully every event of his life, one after another, and when he goes back to the very moment of his birth, he compares the lived existence with a plan he had for it.


The Second Judgment:

It takes place approximately after 24 hours. Here the Lords of the Divine Law take into account two things:

-The atomic weight of each one of the psychological elements

-The amount of them (quantity)

then, they are compared with the ones that the disembodied had at the end of his previous existence, in order to determine whether they increased or decreased.


The Third Judgment:

Approximately after 48 hours, the soul of the dead is taken to the Tribunal of Objective Justice. Here, three things are being judged:

-The weight of good and bad deeds of each one of our Selves (Acts of the existence).

-The number of times that each one of those psychological elements was manifested during the existence

-The measurement of fire in our spinal medulla


At the end of this process, all those elements are being summed up and subtracted. This is going to determine various things: the Karma this soul will bear in the next life, and the electro-psychic design of his new personality (if the soul is entitled to a new existence).


When this judgment comes to an end, Anubis, the Hierarch of the Objective Justice, commands the Angel of Death to cut the silver cord of the disembodied and release him from his physical body. Nevertheless, the Angel of Death has to ask for permission the Divine Mother of the dead. Provided that The Angel of Death is authorized, he cuts the silver cord with the ray of death within 24 hours. However, if the Divine Mother does not authorize the ray of the death, the dead must return to his physical body, before the lapse of 72 hours after leaving it.


Unfortunately, nowadays almost nobody is aware of these processes, formerly known by all the tribes and peoples of the planet. And the apparently dead people are in fact buried alive or are autopsied before the 72 hours pass. This could be avoided if people understood better the process of death and were not so afraid of it. Hence, they would wait until the 72 hours pass.


Once the Angel of Death has taken action, three alternatives are open to the disembodied:

- If he completed all the 108 existences, his soul must submerge itself in involution at the infra-dimension of planet Earth. It will stay there until it passes through the Second Death, in other words, achieves a total liberation of its essence.

- If he has not completed 108 existences yet, his soul is transferred to Limbo, where it will be waiting for its next body, doing continuous retrospections of his previous existence.

-If he worked with the Sacred Fire and increased its level, Anubis the Hierarch authorizes the soul to have "vacations in heaven", and the Divine Mother of the disembodied will give him strength and instructions so that in the next body this soul can work towards the Self-Realization of its Being.



When a person does not work on himself, the Psyche (i.e. Soul) is lost after the completion of 108 existences. This Soul is taken to the abyss, where it penetrates Dante's Nine Circles. From there, it will not go out until nature disintegrates all the defects that were created during in the past existences. After thousands of years of suffering and decomposition, when the Essence becomes totally pure, it is granted liberation from the abyss. This process is called the Second Death. The Essence goes totally free to the sunlight, where will restart a new evolution, starting once again from the Mineral Kingdom.




This one sets us free from the constant slavery in which the various  “I”s, Selves or Ways of Being of oneself keep us in. We have millions of psychological defects (i.e. sins) that manifest during the daily life and dissipate our energies permanently in an unnecessary manner.


There are all sorts defects: anger, impatience, irritability, greed, ambition, worry, deceit, lie, jealousy, lust, fornication, adultery, vanity, conceit, self-love, self-consideration, self-sympathy, suffering, pride, dab will, discouragement, displeasure, disgust, laziness, idleness, curiosity, theft, cheating, sleeping, begging, splurge, alcoholism, drug addiction, degeneration, gluttony, envy, etc., etc., etc.


As the poet from Manuta said: “even if we had a steel palate and thousand tongues, that would not be enough to fully enumerate them”


Each one of these psychological defects has a small portion of our consciousness trapped, which gives life to the defect. When a psychological defect dies, the trapped spark of consciousness gets released. This spark is the real part of the defect. 


If one psychological defect can be eliminated, all the defects can be eliminated. If we can set free one spark from the darkness, we can set free all of them. This proves that with through death, the death can be killed for eternity.

If we liberated ourselves from all our psychological defect, we would recover all our consciousness and integrate our own Being, achieving the sacred individuality. This is why we say that the purpose of living is to die.


The practice of the psychological death:

The first step is Self-observation: directing our attention to what we are thinking, feeling, desiring, doing and saying. The purpose of it is to discover our psychological defects in action, in any of our seven centers. Then, we are going to judge a psychological defect using reflection, until we comprehend it. Finally, once we are done with those steps, we will plead our Divine Mother to eliminate this psychological defect.


Example: I am walking on the street and I see an attractive woman. I observe an unmistakable sensation in the Sexual Center; I discover attraction in my Instinctive Center; in the Emotional Center I feel that I am falling in love; I idealize her in the Intellectual Center; I observe the orders given to me by the Selves in the Motor Center. (This is what we call the self-observed)


Reflection: - What is it that this “I” Desires? – Why does it oppress me? – What is it that it suggests me to do?


Comprehensions: I am fornicating in all the centers with every person that I like; the defect is taking control of me; I forget about myself; I get identified and the consciousness falls asleep


Elimination: For each detail that I have observed and which I am conscious of, I ask my individual Divine Mother to eliminate it in each Center. This process can be repeated throughout the day for each Detail that is discovered.



The physical body, the vital body, and the personality are the parts that die at the end of existence.



The Essence (i.e. Consciousness) of each person is immortal. It is the only real and true thing of us; it never dies; it is the part of God in each one of us. The psychological elements, in which the Essence or Consciousness is bottled up, return from one existence to another, and in each one get strengthened. It is important to comprehend that with the death of the physical body, the psychological defects do not die, they are trapped in the seminal wrap and are transported to the new body until the soul completes the 108 existences. If we do not eliminate them voluntarily, in the end, they will be disintegrated at the Abyss, when the process of the Second Death comes to an end.


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