What is Concentration?

The word Concentration means that consciousness is centered on the action.

Concentration is a great power that allow us to succeed at everything we do.

Concentration takes place when we learn how to live the instant, the eternal now, when our different functions work together in a unison manner, having as center our heart.


The key to succeed at any practice is Concentration. We must practice in order to develop concentration more and more.


If we remain concentrated throughout the day, then we will continue to be concentrated overnight. If we pass the day as tramps, it will be the same overnight.


There are two types of concentration: One of them towards the Inner World and the other towards the Outer World. Both are very important. We find ourselves concentrated when only one thought holds. When we keep plenty of attention to something we can reach the inspiration and an instant after the success.


Concentration is the opposite to distraction. Concentration belongs to the consciousness and distraction belongs to the Psychological “I”. If we study distraction we will end up on concentration.


If we can discover all the Selves or distractive elements, we will then reach the concentration.

Learning to Center the Consciousness towards the action requires practice since the sense of psychological Self-Observation is atrophied in almost all human beings, and by means of this sense the Consciousness will be Centered towards the action.


Master Jesus taught us to we must Vigil and Pray

To Vigil  is to do everything consciously, being vigilant, self-observing ourselves. Or Concentrated

To Pray Is the will of Being or Remember of Oneself. This is the same as getting relaxed. Plead to the Divine Mother to eliminate the defect that doesn´t let us get concentrated.


How can we practice Concentration?:


·         Making an effort to do activity by activity.

·         Without thinking of a different activity.

·         Without interrupting one activity for another.

·         Not remembering things that will be done later on.

·         Nor remembering things that were done before.

·         Keeping ourselves concentrated on what we do


If we carefully observe the multiple activities on our daily living, we will notice that each one of them is one mechanically, because when we perform them we are doing them while thinking of different activities. This precise fact keeps us from being centered and also keeps us from observing all the Selves that manifest.


We wake up, walk to the bathroom, get undresses, shave, have a shower, dry up, dress up, put shoes on, do the bed, have breakfast, brush the teeth, say goodbye, get out to the streets, etc. But we do not Self-observe ourselves instant to instant, which means that we have the consciousness asleep because of the lack of use. We do things asleep and because of that there is no self-discovery.


If we start to Self-observe we will discover each one of the Selves that participate on each action, that act mechanically committing mistakes, producing tension, originating concerns, generating distractions, and preventing us from getting concentrated


When we start to observe all this we notice directly the chaos on which we find ourselves, which we can only organize by means of the permanent relaxation.


What is Relaxation?


When we become aware of any defect that is producing tension at each part of the machine, we must necessarily get relaxed to not exhaust the energies on an unnecessary manner. This is done with a plead to our Divine Mother like this: “Divine Mother Eliminate this Self”


What produces tension?


·         Desires

·         Emotions

·         Psychological Songs

·         Wrong psychological states

·         Thoughts

·         Concerns

·         Inner Chatter

·         Fights between the different Selves


If at those moments we plead to our particular Divine Mother to eliminate the Self that is producing tension at this or that center we will notice that she acts immediately, getting us relaxed at the place of ourselves where we have observed the Self.


It is necessary to comprehend why we are tense so that the Divine Mother can Act.


Tensions are caused by several reasons:


·         We do something we don´t like

·         We are afraid about not being able to perform very well.

·         We want to do something that we like more

·         What we are going to do later worries us.

·         What we did before was very well performed.

·         Not knowing how to do what we are doing.

·         We are distracted by something.


How do we know that we are already relaxed?


We are relaxed when all tensions have disappeared and our psychology has normalized. We feel good and can center on what we are doing.


General Relaxation Practice


Relaxation of the bodies:


Physical body            Muscles, tendons and nerves

Astral body                Emotions

Mental body              Thoughts


When relaxing the Physical Body we have to concentrate on each one of the parts of the physical body. Wherever our thoughts are, there, our consciousness will be located, therefore we must imagine and feel each one of the parts of the body on an organized way. This procedure is repeated three times:


1.       Right leg: Finger by finger, instep, bridge, heel, ankle, calf, knee, thigh, all the leg.

2.       Left leg: Finger by finger, instep, bridge, heel, ankle, calf, knee, thigh, all the leg.

3.       Right arm: Finger by finger, palm, back of the hand, wrist, fore arm, elbow, arm, all the arm

4.       Left arm: Finger by finger, palm, back of the hand, wrist, fore arm, elbow, arm, all the arm

5.       Buttocks, genitals, hips, abdomen, waist, inner organs, chest/breast, lungs, heart, shoulders, back, spine, all the trunk.

6.       Neck, throat, jaw, chin, lips, cheeks, check-bones, nose, eyes, eyelashes, forehead, ears, brain, scalp, all the head.

7.       Then we order to all muscles, nerves and tendons as follows: “Relax and calm down!”


For the relaxation of the Astral Body or emotional part, we get concentrated on our breathing, observing the entry and exit of the air during three minutes.


For the relaxation of the Mental Body, or intellectual part, we focus on the heart an listen to the noises coming from the outer world during three minutes.


Practice of Concentration and Relaxation. To Vigil and to Pray.


1.       Belilín and magic circle conjurations.

2.       Ped for assistance to our inner Father and Divine Mother.

3.       Relaxation, observing that the whole body is comfortable.

4.       We concentrate at the heart to listen and observe the inner world.

5.       Each observed detail we plead to the Divine Mother for its disintegration.

6.       Perform the exercise until achieving the perfect concentration.